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Chouchen (Hydromel) - Distillerie des Menhirs - Bottle 75cl - WBS Selection

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Bottle 75cl
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Water, honey and time, since the Celts brought the Chouchen to Brittany, the recipe hasn’t changed.
In a region without wine, this beverage was consumed during feasts such as Halloween, one can also say it was the druids beverage.
Closer to home the Chouchen is consumed in certain kinds of bars and pubs because of its symbolic belonging to a culture. Today, the Chouchen is seen as the beverage of the Fest-Noz and Celtic Feasts and its consumption as an aperitif is more and more frequent.
Obtained from a fermentation of honey and water and produced by the original method, almost a wine-making process, the Chouchen is consumed as an aperitif, in long drinks and favourably refreshes the Melon.

Chouchen (Hydromel) - Distillerie des Menhirs - Bottle 75cl WBS Selection

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